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Friday 24 May 2013

I apologise for my cyber silence over the past few weeks. As ever, this is not for want of things to say but lack of time to say them!  Today is the last day of term before the May half term break, much looked forward to by all with the exception possibly of those students who will need to spend it at their desks revising for important examinations.  The only consolations I can offer them is that it will be worth it, it will end, and they won’t be missing much good weather! More seriously, every good wish to all students taking examinations this summer across years 1 to 13.

Perhaps noting my extreme ‘busyness’ recently, Revd Rachael, our school chaplain, referred me to a really good website http://www.notbusy.co.uk/ that I would like to recommend to others who find themselves trapped in a never ending cycle of activities and tasks.  Not only trapped, but in a strange way at times also dependent on.  Although it is not a specifically Christian site, I think there are some important messages there for people of faith.  Being permanently busy can lead us to the idea that we are important because of what we do, rather than because of who we are.  This is an insidious and typically modern idolatry – something that usurps the centrality of God in our lives.  Well worth reading through the website as there are many resonances there for many of us.

Meanwhile, I am just off to enjoy – hopefully – the year 13 leavers’ barbecue (not quite barbecue weather, but we’ll do our best!) having watched their extremely well prepared, funny and good-natured assembly this morning.  There seem to be large numbers of students dressed in what I can only describe as animal ‘onesies’!

I wish all members of the Bennett community a good half term break.