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Bennett Students Triumph at MUNGA

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News - Bennett Students Triumph at MUNGA

Monday 5 December 2016

Bennett sixth form students enjoyed a successful day at the Tunbridge Wells Model United Nations General Assembly on Friday 25th of November, winning three accolades for their diplomatic skill.

Bennett had the privilege to represent three fascinating and difficult nations at this year’s conference. Dan Baisch, Tom Chandler and Lily Catling spent many hours laying the ground work for cooperation with Israel’s allies – and sometimes with her enemies, occasionally having to communicate via third parties in order to secure agreements in their common national interest. Iran was ably commanded by Lily Turvey, Matt Carr and Maeeshah Rabbani, who had the difficult problem of improving her relations with the West whilst also maintaining an independent policy, globally and also regionally in the Syrian conflict against rival Saudi power. For France, delegates Katie Chattell, Gus Malone and Kaan Altinbas faced the challenge of also maintaining an independent policy in her own interest whilst also striving to uphold Western values in the face of anticipated (and on the day, real) assaults upon the West from various quarters, and also in devising a conciliatory tone and policy for dealing with the leading power, the USA, who is currently under one administration but preparing for the next.

Despite not winning prizes in the International conflict room, Katie Chattell for France struck a courageous figure in taking the lead in defending Western interests on the Security Council, whilst Matt Carr for Iran exposed Saudi Arabian support for ISIS and challenged their delegate for implicit threats against the French. Later, Tom Chandler for Israel secured almost unanimous and, given the alliance system, perhaps improbable agreement on limiting press
access to war zones, revealing how sensitive are many governments to exposure and reminding us of the value of a free press.

Gus Malone, for France, won Best Delegate on the Refugees Committee, whilst in the Women and Girls committee room, commanded by Bennett’s Joe Wickham, Lily Catling also took the room as Best Delegate, and Lily Turvey came Highly Commended. All pupils are to be commended for an excellent haul of accolades and for the recognition they received for their skill and their efforts in front of the local school community. These results prove Bennett is a powerful local force, able to challenge and beat opponents from any school, anywhere.