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Borneo, new students – and Tosca!

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Blog - Borneo, new students – and Tosca!

Thursday 8 July 2010

I have just spoken with all four groups of year 11 and year 12 students who re departing for their expedition to Borneo tomorrow morning.  There are about 4 altogether, and they are off to Borneo, via Brunei, to spend a month living and working in an environment which could not be more different to our own.  They’ve spent today repacking their rucksacks and being encouraged to leave behind any extra home comforts which will add unnecessary weight to the rucksack!   This is the culmination of many months of preparation and fund raising, and it is wonderful to see their excitement (and a few nerves!) now the moment of departure is almost here.  We look forward to hearing about it all on their return – and maybe reading a blog or two!

The other exciting thing today has been 232 year 6 children coming in to spend a day with us for their ‘transition day’ – as I said to them this morning, when I started secondary school I can’t remember having anything like this – I think I was simply sent off to school in the morning to fend for myself.  Anyway, today has seemed to go well, and all the children I spoke to seemed happy and excited, though there will no doubt be some who take a little longer or need a little more support to settle – that’s quite normal.  It does bring home what an awesome responsibility it is to run a large school when I see so much human potential invested in the school.

In between all this I did manage a visit to the opera earlier this week.  Italian opera is one of my passions, and the ENO production of Tosca was thoroughly enjoyable, with a fabulous orchestral performance.  The critics were a bit sniffy about this production, saying that it was too melodramatic, but it was a great antidote as far as I am concerned to a week of school stresses.  If you don’t know Tosca, find a Youtube recording of the aria ‘e lucevan le stelle’ – the melody is quite well known.