Careers Programme

Careers Leader: Chris Woollett, Assistant headteacher, 01892 521595, [email protected]

At Bennett the careers programme includes a range of opportunities, instruction and experiences including:

  • Visiting speakers provide exposure the world of work.
  • Developing work-place awareness and people skills through volunteering in the Duke of Edinburgh programme from year 9 onwards.
  • A week of work experience in years 10 and 12.
  • PACE programme covers personal health and social education necessary for working with others and employability as well as the citizenship aspects of economic self-sufficiency and contributing to the common good through work and tax contributions.
  • Advice and guidance at year 8 into 9 and year 9 into 10 curriculum decisions’ evening. This includes consideration of the appropriate correlation between curriculum areas and careers.
  • Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders Award at KS3 and KS4 develop leadership competencies and character development. This enables students to be work ready and to engage in volunteering projects.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities promoted annually through the Tenner challenge, through the Young Enterprise Programme and annual assemblies and through opportunities for entrepreneurialism at the annual Christmas Fair and other opportunities.
  • Connection with the Enterprise Advisor Network and a delegated professional link person.
  • PACE programme in Y12 covers life after school and students write personal statements and compile qualification and experience port folios.
  • Annual HE day includes professionals and apprenticeship providers.

Further information about the school’s careers programme can be accessed by making contact with Mr Chris Woollett.

The impact and success of the careers programme can be seen in the school’s destination data and is also actively monitored through student surveys. The next steps are to bring about changes which meet the Government approved Gatsby benchmarks by 2020. Further information about this can be found here: