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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition success!

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News - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition success!

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Congratulations to all those year 10 students, who have completed their bronze expedition sections over the last couple of weekends. Considering the logistics involved, and the high temperatures we have had, it is a great testimony to the preparations of both the Duke of Edinburgh department and the students themselves that not a single incident occurred…unless you count a few sore feet! It is of particular note that some of the participants were operating outside their comfort zones. For some trekking and navigating in open country are unfamiliar and daunting prospects. For others being with a team of people you do not know very well or camping outside are more challenging. One parent shared with us that their daughter was reluctant to do the award and the expedition at first, but had such a fulfilling time they are determined to take the expedition onto silver or even gold!

That is the unique value of programmes like the Duke of Edinburgh Award where students have an opportunity to gain life-knowledge in things like map-reading, planning, cooking and tent-making. In doing so, they also put into practice communication skills and character traits such as perseverance, patience and cheerfulness. The school is very grateful to be able to offer this to its students and especially grateful to the DofE team who are so committed to helping students achieve their very best.

Finally a word to all those year 10 students; make sure you finish the course! You have done most of the hard work now, but a final push to ensure all the sections are complete and accounted for before submitting your evidence is required. We hope that all students will participate in the silver award too which is best started over the summer holidays.