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Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

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News - Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Monday 28 January 2019

Students at Bennett Memorial School commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day in the week leading up to January 27th. A group of Sixth Form students presented a series of assemblies to the school community.

They introduced the subject of the Holocaust using a Holocaust Memorial object that one student had made when he was in year 8. The light box is inspired by a similar memorial in Mannheim in Germany.

It is engraved with the names and ages of 200 children who were murdered in the Holocaust. Henry explained the symbolism of the object he made; the names and ages of the children remind us that they were all somebody’s child, son, daughter, brother, sister. They all had dreams and hopes as we do, although the Nazis attempted to strip them of their identity, we will remember them. Inside the light box is a coil of barbed wire.
The students then went on to talk about how genocide has continued since the Holocaust and shared their experiences of visiting the Killing Fields in their recent trip to Cambodia in the summer of 2018. They spoke powerfully of how these places affected and challenged them and they want to ensure that their peers are aware of how persecution, prejudice and genocide continue in the world today.

The Reverend Canon Rachael Knapp.