Junior Debating


The last two years have been very exciting for debating and public speaking within the school.
We now have a very well established and successful Junior Debating Club. The club meets weekly in order to debate some very challenging topics. The Junior Debaters were recently crowned Kent Schools Debating champions! A report of this can be seen below.

In addition to this all guilds in Years 7-9 take part in an exciting and competitive inter-guild debating competition.

Junior Debating Club

The Junior Debating Club meets weekly on Thursday lunchtimes.

So far this year we have grappled with the death penalty, whether Scotland should be granted independence, whether the UK should remain in the Euro and whether supermarkets are good for local economies, to name a few!

Each debating topic is chosen by the pupils – normally taken from the website ‘Debating Matters’. Pupils then spend two sessions working in teams preparing their arguments and counter arguments before pitting their wits against each other in the third week.

Earlier on in the year the Junior Debaters entered a Kent Schools Debating competition and came out victorious, a fantastic achievement from our young debaters and a testament to the notable role debating holds within the school. A report of the competition can be seen below.
Inter-guild Debating Competition

In addition to this, all guilds in years 7-9 take part in an inter-guild debating competition. They are given time to prepare their arguments within the tutor time programme. The whole year group then comes together to watch two guilds compete. Each motion helps pupils to engage with important current affairs. Pupils do a fantastic job in researching and presenting their form’s arguments and the debates are always lively and entertaining. The competition is run in rounds, with the winning guild progressing to the next round, until one guild within each year group is crowned as champions.

This year the following topics are being debated:

  • This house believes school uniform should be banned.
  • This house believes everyone should go to school on a Saturday.
  • This house would ban gambling machines on the high-street.
  • This house believes homework should be banned.
  • This house believes violent computer games should be banned.
  • This house would heavily tax junk food.
  • This house would raise the age restriction to 18 for creating social media profiles.


  • This house would make voting compulsory for all citizens.
  • This house would ban ‘size 0’ models.
  • This house believes corporal punishment should be reintroduced in schools.
  • This house believes wild animals should not be kept in captivity.
  • This house believes that all police should carry guns.
  • This house believes that a life sentence should mean life in prison.
  • This house would outlaw alcohol.


  • This house believes that university education should be free.
  • This house would ban medical experiments on animals.
  • This house would introduce a system of presumed consent for organ donation.
  • This house would introduce a maximum interest rate for ‘pay day’ loan companies.
  • This house believes the death penalty should be restored.
  • This house would legalise Euthanasia.
  • This house believes that Job Seekers Allowance should be abolished.