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Friday 24 June 2011

We have had a few enquiries about what might be happening next Thursday, the day of the planned public service strike which is likely to affect many schools.  We are still finalising arrangements here at Bennett – what I can say now is that the school will be open either for all or the vast majority of students.  There is still a possibility that a small section of the student population may have to stay at home, but we are working hard to see if this can be avoided at the moment. We will get details to any parents affected as soon as possible. No news means your child is not affected and must come to school exactly as normal.

We fully realise the difficulties caused to parents when students, particularly younger ones, are not at school, and the knock-on effect this has not only on student learning but on families and parents’ working arrangements, which is why the school’s leadership is doing everything possible to minimise the direct impact of the ‘day of action’ for children and families.