Ethos and Values

School Ethos

At Bennett we believe that each and every one of our students was created by God for a special purpose. We believe that every child has uncapped potential for both achievement and personal development. Our distinctive approach to education seeks to enable every student to fulfil this unique potential, achieving their utmost both academically and in terms of character. In terms of our Christian values we are committed to the belief that Bennett students must be enabled to live their lives in the fullest way possible. The education students have at Bennett should be better and fuller than they would experience anywhere else. We are committed to supporting and challenging our students so that they genuinely flourish. Our approach to education is therefore, both deeply Christian and serves the common good.

Our curriculum is a traditional one with rigorous expectations that all students can succeed in their study of high value subjects, leading to qualifications with real currency.

Woven into this curriculum and around it are experiences in sport, creative arts, drama, debating, music and worship, which both enrich and complement it. We mean for all our students to grow in appreciation, resilience, spirituality, humility, kindness, confidence and above all hope.


SEMPER TENAX – Ever holding fast to what is just, wise and right. We ‘hold’ fast by never giving up as God never gives up on us.

  • Compassionate service: with love, kindness and humility we serve and offer hospitality to all. Jesus’ example inspires and renews us as we do so.
  • Always hope: we are all known and valued by a loving God. We are made in his image. Therefore, we love and accept all. We believe there is no ceiling on the hope that God gives us to live fulfilled lives.
  • Flourish: through the sustaining presence of the Holy Spirit we work hard and build bridges of loving reconciliation with one another so that all may flourish.


The School Prayer:

Heavenly Father, we give thanks to God for our founders,
Bishop Christopher Chavasse and Lady Elena Bennett, for all who have taught and learned here, for all who needed encouragement and all who have supported them. We commend our School into your hands, we commit ourselves to seek your truth, to live in your way, and to serve your world. May the life and work of this
community be to your praise and glory, through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen