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Perfect Easter Gift for Tonbridge as Government agrees to fund new Church of England primary school in Tonbridge

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News - Perfect Easter Gift for Tonbridge as Government agrees to fund new Church of England primary school in Tonbridge

Thursday 6 April 2017

In a move seen as the perfect Easter gift for Tonbridge, the Government has agreed to fund the new Bishop Chavasse Church of England Primary School based in South Tonbridge. The Tenax Schools Trust has announced that it has signed a funding agreement with the Government for the school to open this September.

Although the Government is covering the cost of building the school, funding of the day-to day costs of running the school is only agreed once certain conditions are met. Tenax Schools Trust has provided the Department for Education with evidence that there is demand for the school and that it will be popular with parents, that it will be inclusive and welcoming to all, and that the school will be financially viable and deliver a good or better education from day one.

The Reverend Mark Barker, vicar at St Stephen’s Church, Tonbridge said “There has for some years now been a great need for further primary school places in Tonbridge, and I am delighted that the Government has now given permission to build one and that this will be a church school, the first Church of England Primary School in Tonbridge, building on the strong reputation of Bennett Memorial and the leadership of Tenax Schools Trust”

Ian Bauckham – Chief Executive of Tenax Schools Trust said “This is a major milestone. It means that we can offer unconditional places on the 18th April, and parents can be confident that the school will be funded by the government from the first day of term in September”.

This announcement follows on from earlier good news that Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council has given the school planning permission to open on a site in Tudeley Lane, South Tonbridge.

Tom Tugendhat MP said “I’m delighted that after many conversations with the Department for Education, they have confirmed the funding agreement with the Tenax Schools Trust for Bishop Chavasse School to open. Now that planning permission has also been granted by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, I’m confident that the leadership will be able to deliver on such an impressive plan that will just add to the fantastic standard of education available in Tonbridge.”

Bishop Chavasse is a Church of England Primary School that will be run by the Tenax Schools Trust led by the Ofsted ‘outstanding’ Bennett Memorial Diocesan School in Tunbridge Wells, and including other ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ primary schools in the area. The School will have Christian values and ethos and teach a traditional curriculum embedding a ‘mastery’ approach from the start to secure the very best outcomes for pupils.

Parents can still apply for a place at Bishop Chavasse Primary School and will be placed on a waiting list in the first instance. Please see the website for more information. https://www.bishopchavasseschool.org.uk/online-application/