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Rugby success and year 9 go to university

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Blog - Rugby success and year 9 go to university

Monday 19 November 2012

Last Friday our new year 7 rugby team, which has been intensively coached since early October, had their first big game against Skinners year 7.  Five of our strong players were double booked as they were singing at Children in Need in Glyndebourne.  Despite this, we held the opposition team to a scoreless draw, which given our team’s inexperience and that the squad was depleted, I count as a great success. Very well done to all of them, and to our RFU coach Tom Swallow, school is doing great work with the boys three times a week.

Last week we also undertook the first of our year 9 visits to university. Some while ago we decided that it was important to get students thinking about the opportunities university education offers at a much earlier stage than is usually done.  We wanted year 9 students who are at the stage of thinking about GCSE options and where they lead, to experience a university environment for a day and to have an input from a university about what higher education is.  We tapped into some of our existing contacts and have started a rolling programme of taking year 9 students to university for a one day visit. The first group went to UCL, University College London, one of London’s leading universities and a world class institution.  The story of their visit can be read via Storify here http://sfy.co/gBhG. Big thanks go to Miss Figes who arranged and led the visit.  Other tutor groups in year 9 will be following in their footsteps in due course.

Hopefully these year 9 visits will help to inspire students to go to university – in the UK as a whole only 37% of young people go to university, and this is one of the lowest figures in the developed world, and certainly in Europe.  The figure is of course already much higher at Bennett but we want to play our role in promoting university education for as many as possible because, despite the costs involved, it pays for itself in increased earnings and better life opportunities.