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The advert you will not see in cinemas …

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Blog - The advert you will not see in cinemas …

Sunday 22 November 2015

So the organisation which handles advertising for the main British cinema chains has said it will not show the 60 second advertisement  highlighting prayer lest it cause offence to some in the audience.  You can, fortunately, watch the advertisement at this website yourself,  www.justpray.uk , and reach your own conclusion.

The Church of England has expressed bewilderment that this advert will not be screened in most mainstream cinemas.  It is not proselytising, does not judge, does not condemn, or tell anyone they should be doing anything.  It simply presents prayer as something which is important in the lives of people of all backgrounds and in all contexts. The viewer is of course free to be touched by or reject what they see.

I am a regular cinema-goer, and it does seem a little odd to me that I can be exposed at this time of year to a constant stream of adverts  promoting the annual Christmas spending spree to a backing of Christmas carols announcing the birth of the Saviour of the poor and humble, jarring just a little with the the frenzy of materialistic acquisitiveness being promoted, but that I need to be protected from a sequence of images showing ordinary people saying the words that same Saviour gave them.

The happy irony, of course, is that the controversy caused by the decision not to show the advert will, thanks not least to social media, lead to it being seen by a much wider audience than might have been the case had it simply been shown in cinemas as originally intended.  Once again, the link is www.justpray.uk .