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Year 8 Student, Zak, on a Mission Direct Project to Uganda

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News - Year 8 Student, Zak, on a Mission Direct Project to Uganda

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Zak Dunbar gave a powerful account in an assembly tu1o his Year 8 peers of his recent two week visit to Uganda with his family as part of a Mission Direct project. The family joined a team of twenty people from all over the UK to help volunteer at education and health projects in Rukungiri. Zak shared his pictures and experiences, describing the warmth of the welcome they received at the school they visited, Zak said, “I even helped to teach some lessons which was loads of fun.”

Spending time with children with disability in a special unit on the Chilli Children Project was one of the highlights for Zak. Whilst the parents met with the team for advice and support, Zak enjoyed playing with the children, giving out lollipops, and holding conversations “despite the fact they couldn’t speak much English!

Zak spoke about how he and his family visited one of the disabled pupils, 13 year old Sandra, in her home. Her family live at the very lowest level of poverty, and Zak’s family are going to be sponsoring her education.
Sandra’s family now have a goat which will provide a sustainable income and help u2lift them a little out of poverty.

Zak said of his trip to Uganda, “It really made me realise how lucky we are to have so much. It is so different seeing it in real life compared to an Oxfam appeal on the television.

As a result of Zak’s presentation Year 8 are going to be fundraising later in the year to support Mission 4 Water, a charity which helps provide clean water in Uganda. Mr Dunbar, Zak’s Father said, “Our trip to Rukungiri, Uganda has been an extremely positive experience for all four of us. We gave everything we had, but of course received much more in return.